Ellie 🎞️
Lead Mod

Based in: Southeast Asia
Experience: BA Hons Degree in Communications & Media and over 5 years of experience in social media, writing, graphic design and organization management for university clubs and nonprofit organizations. Co-lead (writing & communications) mod for Highlights: Taekook Anthology. I've also been writing for BTS since 2018!
Favourite thing about Taehyung:
The way he loves and appreciates the world with all his heart, and how he isn't afraid to be himself.

Missy 🎵
Art Mod

Based in: North America
Experience: I've worked as a page artist for Vmin Soulmate Zine, King of Hearts Zine and now as a guest artist for Dul! Set! BTS Poly Ship Zine and H^^ppy Jimin Zine. Offline, I work for public services and social management. I enjoy creating for BTS and supporting other artists as well! Although this is my first time as an Art Mod, I'm really excited to work in this role.
Favourite thing about Taehyung:
I love everything about him but my favorite thing is his personality, he’s such a warm and lovely person, and also the way he makes me feel safe and sound through his voice and lyrics.
Missy will also be contributing as a page artist in the zine!

Sam 📷
Writing & Beta Mod

Based in: Northeast USA
Experience: Lead mod (management and finance) for Highlights: Taekook Anthology and mod for In Bloom, a taekook fic fest. Outside of fandom projects, I have over 9 years of social media, writing, graphic design, and event planning experience. A BTS writer since 2016 and researcher/writer professionally.
Favourite thing about Taehyung:
The way he quietly but wholeheartedly shows affection for his loved ones and how he dedicates all of himself into his art and passions.

Bree ❄️
Graphics &
Social Media Mod

Based in: Southeast Asia
Experience: Over 4 years of experience in graphic designing (commercial and non-commercial). I was the head artist for my university department for over a year and have talked in graphic design workshops. I have also designed a cover art for Mixtape for BTS 2021! Currently, I am a merch designer for Bangtannies Shop (a fanmade merch shop).
Favourite thing about Taehyung:
How he is not afraid to just always be himself and his love and appreciation for art.

Cara 🎤
Production, Shipping
& Finance Mod

Based in: Midwest USA
Experience: 30+ zines across all different roles, 15+ of which have been in production, shipping, and/or finance positions. Recent projects include Gateway to You: A Taekook AU Zine, Highlights: Taekook Anthology, Soop: A BTS Comfort Zine, and Frisson: A BTS Rock Zine! Outside of zines, I have formal production/shipping/finance experience through university clubs, nonprofit organizations, and part-time work at a local business.
Favourite thing about Taehyung:
The way he thinks about things so deeply and gently—Taehyung's just full of warm memories and reminders about how softly you can fall in love with every detail.